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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

Originally Posted by dd24
Yeah, I guess looking at the numbers his percentage is high. The knock on him has been his outside shot, but the numbers are there. I wouldn't be mad at all if we ended up with him. I have a feeling Detroit is going to go after a SG in free agency. Maybe someone like Tyreke Evans or OJ Mayo. I hope the Gerald Henderson rumors aren't true. I like Mayo but we would have a really small back court and wouldn't be a contender. Evans if healthy would make a lot of sense. I could also see them possibly going after Trevor Ariza too. If that was the case they wouldn't draft Porter.

Evans has star potential but again - what position is he going to play? SG?


We would need atleast 2 of those players to become all-stars to be relevant... But I could deal with this

I am just scared with Evans because there is a huge difference between his best and his worst...

I like Mayo - but again he is undersized

Ariza can plug a hole, but I'd prefer him off the bench

Gerald Henderson??? No, just no...
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