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Default Re: Legendary asian streetballer with handles better than Hot Sauce...

Originally Posted by Quizno
for real, not trying to hate but he does a bunch of moves standing in one place...but he doesn't even look that quick and his crossover is actually pretty slow. he's not getting by anybody with decent defensive skills unless they try to gamble for a steal

I think you're the kind of guy that looks at Jose Calderon on TV and thinks hes slow. In reality he would easily outmuscle and outspeed you. Many times ive underestimated my opponents looking at the side of the court where they appeared "slow", its only when you step on the court then you realise they are much faster then they appeared.

Also, this is streetball. Not Basketball in that sense. Showing off your handles and embarrasing your opponent is the main point not really scoing or defense

Anyone with decent defensive skill would also shut down anyone from And1 easily btw so I dont know whats your point.

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