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Default Re: 2012-2013 English Premier League Thread (La Liga, Serie A, etc.)

Originally Posted by alenleomessi
and yeah of course that douchebag celebrated

He was on the for one year and is removed from the club for quite some time. Why shouldn't he celebrate? It's not like he's Batistuta and Barca's Forientina

we get a penalty few minutes later.. ( a 'friend' of mine typed me on chat 'uefalona strikes again'.. removed him immediately from friends... whats wrong with people? are you blind?! it was a clear penalty. f*ck off )

Some refs don't whistle in those situations. It was a foul, but the Barca player just kicked the Ball away so he had to get fouled. He would've have never reached the ball if he wasn't touched, and he clearly choose the path Sirigu and not to the ball.
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