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Default Re: Tiddy, brace yourself for this

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
RG3 is Vick 2.0 ... Will never play a full season

Giants are done...

Dallas favs to win NFCE

You're a damn fool for thinking that. RG will become even more pocket QB to shred your shitty team even worse than Thanksgiving. He will learn his limits. The knee is way ahead of schedule, bout to start running on field like this week. Dr. James Andrews said he is superhuman and hasn't seen anything like it since AP...your man crush

Vick was never a real leader nor the type of worker that Griffin is. All they really have in common is have/had braids, black n have wheels. Fear the future.

the Giants are never going to be done as long as Eli operating at a high level. Look at some of the guys he got it done with that never did shit anywhere else. Plus, the Giants do a good job of replacing guys that aren't playing with them anymore. That Wilson kid could be a big threat this season with an NFL campaign under his belt. We will see how they replace Phillips but I'm more worried bout them than the DallASS Cowploys
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