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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

Originally Posted by dd24

Anyway, those are the FA's Detroit is thinking about. So depending on who we draft will dictate who Detroit goes after in free agency. Ariza is a starter in the NBA. He's not the most appreciated guy, but he can play. He was a starter on a very good Lakers team. People don't seem to remember all he did for them. The thing I like with going after a guy like Ariza is he won't be super expensive. If we could get him for 6 million per season, then we'd still have money to resign our young rookies and still go after another player.

Oh and I could see more than one player on that list potentially being an all-star. Monroe has the potential, Drummond does, Evans does, and maybe even Porter could.

You make some very good points on Ariza - I guess teams needs players like him, glue guys who play hard defense that can stretch the floor

Yeah I agree all have potential to make all-star teams - I ment we need two of them to actually fullfill that potential and become all-stars
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