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Default Re: Tiddy, brace yourself for this

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
Eli was the Webster Dictionary definition of "AVERAGE" last year

he was not playing at a high level...

Even when he's average (had his spells through career I've noticed) he can still take a game that u thought u had won.

Don't neglect the fact that Eli is a genius QB at the line and in execution. I've seen many games where the Cowboys outplayed the Giants overall, only to have Eli make huge plays in the 4th. He's a bright guy at his position and can recover even after struggling.

Despite all ur QB's stats and dynamic ability, he is not bright at his position. He's the anti Eli. He will play awesome and throw 3-4 TD but not get it done. If that way, Eli is much more dangerous than most Qbs in the league.

I forgot tho, u like to use stats (which never tell the whole story) to support your preconceptions and bias nature. Ask any smart football fan which QB they would trust leading their team to glory...

Face it dude. Your bullshit squad needs to find a new QB QUICKLY to replace Romo as his window will only be ajar for like 3 seasons. I'm not just talking any QB but one that can keep pace with Eli Manning and Robert Griffin III.
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