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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

Originally Posted by dd24
I don't really want to draft McLemore as a top 3 pick. I'd hope we'd have a chance at Porter or Smart. Which answers your last question, yes I would pick either of those guys over Bennett and Zeller. I don't see how either fit on our team with Drummond and Monroe. It actually makes me laugh that there's mock drafts that have us selecting Bennett. Sure some places list him as a SF but he's a PF and he's only 6'7". Bennett will be a bust IMO.

Zeller makes no sense at all. We just used a lottery pick on Drummond, who is a better player. I like Zeller actually. The only reason I would pick him would be to trade him to a team that really wanted him though. Drummond is the future C here and we still have Kratsov as a backup who has shown quite a bit of promise. I think next year we'll have a solid 4 man rotation of Monroe, Drummond, CV, and Jerebko with some more Kratsov sprinkled in there. Yes I did say CV. I don't think they'll amnesty him and pay him to play for another team. He's actually been pretty decent when he got a chance this year. Having a big that can stretch the floor is pretty important.

I could still see us drafting Shabazz possibly. Then we could go out and try to get someone like Ariza in free agency.
I guess we see porter at a different level. I see him a level or more behind the top group and that it would be a bad move to draft position of need over talent.

I like smart over Mclemore as well but would draft smart as a pg.

I also don't think it would be the worst move to draft a big if that's the best player in the spot no matter how highly you think of the 2 you g ones you have. There is enough time for 3 guys to play 30 mins
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