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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

Originally Posted by el gringos
I guess we see porter at a different level. I see him a level or more behind the top group and that it would be a bad move to draft position of need over talent.

I like smart over Mclemore as well but would draft smart as a pg.

I also don't think it would be the worst move to draft a big if that's the best player in the spot no matter how highly you think of the 2 you g ones you have. There is enough time for 3 guys to play 30 mins

We'd end up losing one of those bigs in the long run. It just doesn't make sense. Like I said, I'd do it for a trade, and if it could help out our back court situation I'd do it.

I agree, Smart is a PG. That's where I would want to draft him at. Most everybody has Porter as a top 3 pick right now. He needs to bulk up a bit, but outside of that he really seems like a Danny Granger type player to me, which for this draft is solid. It seems like it's going to be a really weak draft.
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