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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

Lets say we get pick 5 (probably the most probably projected position)

If we get Mclemore at #5 I'm happy - he fills a need and has the tools to be successful in the NBA.

If we get Shabazz at #5 i'm happy - obviously incredibly talented, worth taking at this position and fills a need

If we get Smart at #5 i'm happy - only if Dumars trades knight for something really good, because I wouldn't want to keep him around and experiment with him as a 2-guard...

If we get Porter at #5 i'm happy - reminds me a little bit of Batum, and fills a need..

Those are the only 4 guys I would be happy with, the only 4 guys that makes sense to draft... Obviously this is a weaker draft, so expectations are down, but still hoping for a starting player who can make a real impact on our team..
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