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Default Re: Disney shuts down LucasArts - Star Wars 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault cancelled

Originally Posted by Rose
Anyone but Bethesda! (personal preference, I hate Bethesda)

I'd actually love to see High Moon Studios get a crack at a star wars game, even though they just laid off some people...their transformers games have been nothing but amazing. And Deadpool looks like more of the same.

I'm bummed but not terribly upset. Hopefully we can get Kotor III out of bioware finally, and maybe even get a third Battlefront now...preferably from Dice but to each his own.
HMS seem like a good choice to finish off 1313, but from the sounds of it they tried to find someone before they officially shut it down and couldn't find any takers.

Overall i'm not that fussed as the people who were working at LucasArts during the 90's when they were making a ton of terrific games are all elsewhere, but it does suck that 150+ people now need to find new jobs.
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