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Default Went to the McDonald's game tonight: Observations...

Went to the game tonight. Here are some observations, based not just how they played in the game, but how good they project/or are currently in general.

Two best players on the floor:
Jabari Parker
Aaron Gordon

Jabari couldn't buy a shot early, so his numbers might be a little off, but he is the real deal. The most pro ready, the most complete, more strength and spring than I expected. A winner. Protected the basket early as the West got out to the lead. Also was playing with 3 black holes in Gordon, (who actually has great vision when he chooses to, but is attack/drive first) and the Harrisons. You could tell Parker din't like playing with the Harrisons, it was palpable. He was trying to direct them through screens, not getting passed to by them when open, was visibly disgusted. Anyway, not sure how it translated on TV, but live he is the real deal.
Him and Gordon really get on well. You could tell as they were talking, laughing suring every break/timeout.
He is the best player in the class IMO.
Pro equivalent- Mix between Melo and Grant Hill.

Gordon is a close second. Dude is legit. Just a great, attacking motor. He will always get his. Good on the offensive glass, surprisingly great passer. Not bad handles. Great demanor. Another winner. If Parker and him played together in college with their size, skill, etc. they would destroy.
Just very impressive, always in the right place at the right time. Great hops.
Parker is the best player, most complete, but Gordon is the one who can hang with him.
Pro Equivalent- A more skilled, visioned Blake Griffin.


Andrew Wiggins- Once again, I am trying not go by just one game but by what I think just from who they are in general, and to be honest I think Wiggins is probably overrated. I took one look at him and said THAT's Andrew Wiggins, and not in a good way. Don't get me wrong the guy has the SICKEST hops. I mean, other than LBJ, MJ and some (very, very few special leapers I've never seen anyone get up like he does. Just pretty amazing, head over the rim. Pretty amazing. But he looked stiff to me, small shoulders. If I didn't know him I would have thought most of the time that he was just another guy out there. He has a sick spin move, attacked Parker a couple times impressively, but he just didn't look nearly as special in warmups, the game, in general as I thought he'd be. He is not currently IMO on the level of Parker and Gordon. They were men among boys, he was one of the boys.Perhaps the fact he still had 19 despite looking ordinary is a testament to how good he really is, I just don't see it so much, at least as a winning basketball player.
Pro equivalent- A smaller, skinnier Dominique.

The Sleeper:
Anthony Barber- Most entertaining player to me and my 2 friends I went to the game with. The most pass first player out there. Small, but lightning quick. Sick handles, passing. Guy is awesome. If he can grow a little, put something on his frame, can be special.
Pro Equivalent: Mix between Rondo, Kenny Anderson, hint of Brandon Jennings.

Julius Randle- Had some moments where you were like man, that is some sick potential and pro moves. Good court vision and passing. Didn't have the best game, but he is a top 4-6 player in the class IMO.
Pro equivalent: Luol Deng mixed with Zach Randolph.

Nigel Williams-Goss- Sick defender, pretty good overall.
Pro equivalent- Smaller Matt Barnes.

James Young- Nothing special.
Isaac Hamilton-Nothing special.

The Harrisons- Play with a total edge. Almost angry out there. Good chemistry together. But as I mentioned not the easiest to play with. But you will win with them due to their aggressiveness and energy.
When the West had Parker, Gordon, and the Harrisons out there together, they basically would slaughter the East. Just too physically imposing.
Pro equivalent: Chauncey Billups.

Bobby Portis, Jr. -Not bad. Good size, little passive.
Pro equivalent: Chirs Bosh.

Matt Jones- Solid, but nothing special.

Jabari Bird. - Solid, but nothing special either. A little smallish, skinny.

Marcus Lee- Nothing special.

Jarrell Martin
Dakari Johnson
These two stuck out as very solid inside presences. Both BIG dudes and skilled. Was impressed by both. Zach Randolph types. Just agressive and tough. Liked both of their games.

Kasey Hill- Nothing special.
Wayne Selden- Had a couple of moments. Nothing Special.

Rondae Hollison Jefferson- Had some really good moments. Think he has some really good potential.

Keith Frazier- Hear he was practicing awesome. But didn't notice anything, or at least don't remember anything about seeing him.

Isaiah Hicks- Nothing special.
Kennedy Meeks- Nothing special.
Demetrius Jackson- Nothing special.

Chris Walker- SICK hops and athlete. Great length. Something about his passiveness, when not dunking of course, bothers me. He is a wildcard, could be great, or not at all.
Pro equivalent: Darius Miles.

Noah Vonleh- Solid, Upper half in talent to be sure. Not spectacular, but good.

Anyway, there you have it. I think Parker and Gordon are the best and most likely will be the best ones. Wiggins of course has a chance to be special, but he does not project at all to me to being the next "great" one. Barber is sick and exciting. Randle could turn out to be very good. Jarrel MArtin and Dakari Johnson are really good inside. Walker is a great athlete. The Harrison's are pretty tough kids no doubt.

Top 10 would go like this:
1. Parker
2. Gordon
3. Wiggins
4. Barber
5. Randle
6. Johnson
7. Martin
8 and 9. The Harrisons
10. Vonleh

Hopefully this gives some insight. Just my opinion after watching everyone all night. Fun game to go to. Lot of great plays.
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