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Default Re: Went to the McDonald's game tonight: Observations...

Originally Posted by BIZARRO
No way. If you watched the game there, and in any way have observed basketball over your life, you would be crazy to think he wasn't one of top couple talents out there. The eye test live meant a lot here. You might even read that Wiggins was better as he scored more, etc. But it isn't true at all. Parker (who filled up the rest of the stat sheet with assists, boards, blocks, steals, etc.) and Gordon (who were really enjoying hanging with each other out there all night) looked a step above the competition in who they are as ballers.
In some ways, they looked like more fully developed college players playing with high schoolers at this stage in everyone's development.
If you're going by the fact that Parker missed some shots tonight, then you might not think that, etc.. But the polish of Parker, his strength, presence, etc. is why the West coach said he was the best, most complete player on his team in practices leading up to the game without hesitation.
Wiggins looks undercooked out there. Maybe on TV you couldn't catch it, but live Parker and Gordon are the two players who have the current juice.
Wiggins has a great spin sure, but he just looked smallish and young and underdeveloped to me. Maybe he'll be great one day, but Parker and Gordon were men amongst boys. They knew it to, the way they were joking around together the whole game with a lot of confidence. And when they were out there together, the West killed the East.

Even though it's one game, I'm trying to make clear I'm trying not to be going by one game, but rather what I saw in the games overall as winners, complete players, developed players.

Parker and Gordon are impressive, Wiggins is not as polished, or developed in a complete way yet.

Barber made some sick passes, and he really mixed it up well. Everyone was just trying to get theirs tonight, very few possessions had more than a pass or two. But Barber stuck out to me and my friends as the one guy who made some great efforts to get everyone involved, and was playing like a true balanced point. Sure he took/hit some shots, hence why I threw in the Jennings comparison, but with him in the game things had a lot of electricity and he brought his team back with his energy. He was very impressive in a way that can't be quantified other than by the eye test. Him, and on another level Parker and Gordon.

Just my opinion, but it was fairly obvious to my friends and I watching it there.

dude i dont care what you saw in person. its obvious that parker is not all that. He scored 10 points on 4-13 shooting and had 3 turnovers to 3 assists.

I dont know how you can think parker is this so called "man among boys" compared to how wiggins played.
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