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Default Re: Went to the McDonald's game tonight: Observations...

Originally Posted by noob cake
While Wiggins is very polished and athletic (deserving his status as one of the best prospect within last 10 years), he looks like a raw African big compared to Parker.

Parker is like Kyrie Irving. He is not heaps more athletic than most NBA guards, but they have such advanced games at their age to make up for it.

exactly what i thought

like i said in the wiggins thread theres just something about him that is lacking i dont know what and i hope i am wrong but it just seems like he is missing something that makes him feared on the court (although i like the fact that he said he wants to be the best payer in the world)

jabari on the other hand if he gets drafted to a team where the ball is in his hands i think he will be a great pro

i have no idea about any of the other prospects have not watched enough to really even comment ive just seen mixtapes
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