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Default Re: Andrew Wiggins' school commitment

Originally Posted by Dave3
MJ made his own path. If he is the next great he should follow in no one's foot steps. I don't know much about college basketball, but out of the 4, is Florida the worst?

On that topic I hope he stays #22. I don't like it when good players pick numbers already made legendary. 34 has been repeated too many times, 23 is taken by too many, 3 is common, 1 is common etc.

Picking a number that isn't as famous gives you a chance to make it famous.

And yeah, this thread is kind of useless. The few people that check this part of the forum are already aware that the best high school player is like the only one left undecided.
Yes, Florida State isn't anywhere close to being the same stratosphere as Kentucky, North Carolina, and Kansas in terms of prestige, tradition, success, exposure, etc. However, they're in the running because both of his parents attended Florida State and I believe one of his best friends from his AAU team is going to Florida State.
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