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Default Re: Andrew Wiggins' school commitment

Originally Posted by Dave3
MJ made his own path. If he is the next great he should follow in no one's foot steps. I don't know much about college basketball, but out of the 4, is Florida the worst?

On that topic I hope he stays #22. I don't like it when good players pick numbers already made legendary. 34 has been repeated too many times, 23 is taken by too many, 3 is common, 1 is common etc.

Picking a number that isn't as famous gives you a chance to make it famous.

And yeah, this thread is kind of useless. The few people that check this part of the forum are already aware that the best high school player is like the only one left undecided.

i think you mean Florida State, but essentially, yes, they are the worst of his top 4. By far. BUT there are two things to consider that actually might make them favourites:

1) Both his mom AND dad went to FSU and were both star athletes there (his dad average 23 pts and 9 rbs a game over his career at FSU and his mom is a 2 time Olympic silver medalist, 1 in the 4x100 and another in the 4x400). They both have insinuated that they want him to pick FSU.

2) His close friend and fellow Toronto native and teammate from Huntington Prep, Xavier Rathan Mayes, has committed to FSU. Now if that was it I'd say as well that that would just be grasping at straws and not enough to influence him. HOWEVER, Rathan Mayes' dad ALSO went to FSU and played with Mitchell Wiggins (yes, Andrew Wiggins' father) on the 76ers in 1991 and apparently their families are really close still today.

now, him playing at FSU, with Michael Snaer leaving this year, would ensure that he gets most of the shine and gets to play with a close friend AND gets to play in the ACC against top competition. It could be brilliant but also make him fall flat on his face
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