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Default Re: Raptors official off-season thread 2013-14

Originally Posted by el gringos
Why amnesty kleiza when as an expirer his contract may have value in a trade?

Something to build between gay and Val is exactly why amare is a good fit (of course you are hoping for some luck w him being healthy). IMO you don't want gay seeing himself as a clear cut #1 option, and next to Val you need a scorer or you are asking too much

My trade idea is for what I think is perfect for the Knicks - but I'm not trying to make 1 sided trades, I honestly believe that it would be great for raptors

Felton/Kendall Marshall

Marshall gives you the equivalent of a first round pick to develop at pg. Felton, Dudley, kleiza are all moveable sized contracts and so you keep flexible. And maybe most importantly you save about 5 mill and are allowed to use the Mle the next couple years. For what it's worth the trade machine shows Toronto as the big winner in the deal

Dealing for Amare would be another bad move for Toronto. Bringing him in would be like having Kleiza on the bench because Amare can never stay healthy. At least getting rid of Kleiza now makes it so we don't take back any money. Free agency may help.
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