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Originally Posted by GOBB
You were talkin about Reggie like you grew up watching him play when you saw a handful of games. Just admit you didnt watch much of him, let the board know your NBA experience 13yrs ago (you're from new zealand buttplug) and all is well.

I have admitted all of this. My profile says I'm 24 from NZ. So any good Gumshoe could see how old I was and how much Reggie Lewis coverage I had growing up. You're pointing out the obvious.

Then when a poster simply asks a question would Reggie be drafted since theyt took Bias prior you reply in a punk manner "get your fact straight buddy". For what??? You're complaining about getting flamed yet your 2nd post in here did just that.
That poster didn't ask a question, he said, "would the celtics have gotten Lewis if Bias had never died? doubtful" He answered his own question.

Then you spew this crap on why they would have still taken him when no one knows! They played the same damn position. Bias was HIGHLY touted as the next "Thing". Yet they will waste a draft pick on the SAME position?
Reggie Lewis played shooting guard for the Celtics. Bias was a SF/PF. The Celtics ahd all the other positons well covered, and Lewis would have still been availble for the Celtic's to pick at 22.

Thats what sparked me to question how much you have watched your smartass comment. It wasnt needed at all. Now the tide has turned and you're
Man up.
I'm not crying, you are using this e-ttack as a from of defense, because it is as clear as day to everyone here that you look like a flaming post-whore. I replied tastefully to you, and you can't leave it alone, because you are a big headed person that can't stand to be wrong.
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