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Default I feel like an idiot

It's rare that I actually make personal threads on ISH. I don't know if I have ever made one actually.

Alright, so there is this girl (we'll call her Jill) who is going out with my best friend (we'll call him Joe). Jill is black and Joe is white. This isn't a big deal to me or most sane people, but it is apparently to some. (I live in rural Alabama).
Joe always gets shit from both races for dating a black girl. It doesn't bother him much though because he apparently really cares for her.

Here is where I come into the story. Jill is my ex-gf from a couple years back. I kind of moved on since then, but then Jill got super-hot and I'm back to liking her again . I'm talking like she's 5'1 maybe and has huge tits and butt (wow i sound lame). My dumb friend keeps taunting me and stuff. (he got way further with her than I EVER did). Now because Jameer is great at getting friend-zoned it's happened again. I've got to get over this girl. It's getting kind of awkward now.
I live by the code bros before hoes, and I'm starting to lose control. I'm such an idiot. This is also like the most poorly-written thread ever

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