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Default Re: 2013 NCAA Final Four Discussion: Syracuse vs Michigan game thread

Originally Posted by Rake2204
This is pretty cool. I'm personally just pumped to have a banner we can actually truly hang up in the rafters in Ann Arbor (Final Four 2013). I'd love to see a championship for Michigan come Monday, but the ride's been pretty fun regardless.

I read on this board from time to time about being a bandwagoner vs. someone who sticks with their team through thick and thin. I have to believe this is one of the payoffs of sticking with a team through the good (Fab Five) and the bad (nearly every year since). There's been a lot of tough times in Ann Arbor basketball over the last 20 years. I've been to games where I walked up to the door and was just handed tickets for free. I remember being pumped about winning the NIT championship. So in comparison to all of that, win, lose, or draw on Monday, this has been a spectacular ride.

Michigan fans have been through a lot. congrats on getting to the title game Get that chip from Rick
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