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Default Should the Knicks tank to get the 3rd seed ?

It's starting to get obvious that the Hawks will be 6th and Celtics 7th.

We all know the Hawks are a much easier opponent so why not tank,get that 3rd seed and at least be almost sure that we get out of the 1st round ?
It seems like the Pacers are already doing that,lost by 19 against the Wizards.

I'm not afraid of the Pacers in the 2nd round. I think they are by far the most overrated "contender" in the league.

Give me the Hawks in the 1st round and then I'm confident we can take on the Pacers even without the homecourt advantage.
Celtics are still tough and I surely want to avoid them in the first round.

I suggested something similar last year. Of course the Knicks didn't do it so they got raped by the Heat while the Sixers got lucky (or not,considering Rose already had knee issues) and got past the Bulls.
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