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Default Re: Dribbling against Pressure Defense

Just turn your back/side against the defender, just like posting up and then jog/walk up the ball to offense backwards/sideways... the defender will tend to overplay one side (if he wants to steal/poke the ball), so shield the ball with the off hand and go the opposite direction, you will have to keep attention to where he is and where he is overplaying, you just go to the opposite side (its not a must but you can blow by there if possible or hesitate doing that to fool the defender)... a high dribble is not recommended...

Magic Johnson i think is the best to learn from here as he did that 24-7 because he was not faster than any guards, he would not blow by them and they would often full court pressure him... he would do this i said above all the time, you can see that exactly here:

There is another way aswell, just run diagonally at one direction then spin and run diagonally to the other side... repeat... this can be combined with the method above...

If it still doesnt work for you so well then you need to work on your transition ballhandling, namely ballcontrol/ballsecurity (ballhandling is not just about having and1 handles), footwork aswell.... you will also need experience / to be put in those situations alot.......... when you have all that then you will feel very comfortable in these situations, you wont even think about it, it will work automatically, therefore you will have offensive awereness all the time, you will be able to multitask.... as in you will be able to see your teammates / run the offense / set up plays from anywhere no matter the pressure defense.......

I mean if you do not have good ballcontrol/security and experience of working against great pressure defense then you will focus to much or even focus only on your moves / trying to not turn the ball over in those situations.... therefore you will kindof forget about everything else.... as a point-guard thats bad....

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