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Default Re: Official Pro Wrestling Thread

Originally Posted by Hotlantadude81
I don't Booker T deserves it. He was a high mid carder to me.

I'll say that he gets rated too highly by most people.
He's mad underrated by most people. Which people are you talking about.

He paid his dues in the tag team division with Stevie Ray, then worked his way up slowly to main event status.

I always thought he was better than guys like Edge, Matt and Jeff Hardy and Chris Benoit who went down the same path. Guys that made their way in the tag division and then worked their way up the singles ladder. But Book had to work his way up much harder.

I think Edge was given a major title push right after him and Christan broke up. Booker T started with the TV Title down in WCW. The Hardy brothers were fighting for major titles when they broke up.

Book's rise is similar to Triple H's.
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