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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
Same stuff. If McAdoo is wearing Carolina blue next season, I believe Wiggins will be a Tar Heel.

He still says hesitantly...

I may have been wrong about UK being out as much as I previously thought and perhaps the Jordan Brand might have a role in this afterall. Maybe.

Still sticking with the same prediction. Although changing my, "if McAdoo doesn't return" school from Kansas to Florida State. But that shouldn't matter because I can confidently say that McAdoo will return.

Have to remember that this recruitment has been as tight-lipped as any I can personally remember. The kid doesn't even give generic answers during interviews, he gives aloof answers. His parents don't talk. His brother did an interview on Zags blog and he ended it with saying his brother (Andrew) doesn't really involve him in the recruiting process. The only worthwhile information you get is from his high school coach, who basically only confirms what's going around (visits, etc).

I think it's UNC. Except my information comes from UNC people so take it with a grain of salt. I would not be surprised to see him at FSU, UK, or KU either.
Yeah, there's even been a lot less leaked, hinted at, etc. in Wiggins's recruitment than there was during the Barnes's recruitment. And I though Barnes's recruitment was pretty tight lipped.
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