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Default Re: Bioshock Infinite

Originally Posted by CeltsGarlic
Oh, and sniper riffle is the best weapon. Hands down. Especially on PC where you can easily always aim for the head in a milliseconds.

Overall really memorable game, will try Tomb Raider later.

Well here's the great thing about this game: To me the SR wasn't even close to the best weapon in the game.

This points to the variety of play styles the game supports. This is something that I find a lot of other shooters struggle with. Cover based ones especially. You enjoyed long range fights, I assume this means you often found the high ground. I too found the high ground, but not to assume a firing position, but to get a fix on all of my enemies. I enjoyed running around, getting up close and personal and augmenting my style with gear and vigors.

So to me the best weapon in the game without a doubt was the shotgun, and now I used my code to unlock Comstock's China Broom Shotgun and I am sweeping (HAHAAAA!) through the game second time through.

You really truly can play this game a multitude of ways and nothing is forced on you as far as strategy. That's the mark of a good open FPS.
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