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Default Re: why isnt brooklyn held to a higher standard?

Originally Posted by ChuckOakley
The main reason why is because Net fans like to keep the bar low and remain under the radar while Knick fans need to be gratified with praise about their team daily...... it's insecurity. Knick fans are probably the most insecure fans I've encountered among any sport.

It's the biggest difference I can see between Knick fans and pretty much any other fan base.
You pop in from time to time and say how great the Nets are. Where is your list of 29 points why the Nets are better? The reality is the Net fans on this board, when it became clear they were settling in the 4/5ish range and not winning the division (which i honestly think is very solid) completely lost interest.

What do Knick fans have to be insecure about? We sucked for 15 years. During that time we stayed fans. Net fans even this year act like something good has to occur before they can be day to day fans. The Net fans are waiting for something good to occur, then they will come in. I'maVC3 is nuts, but he seems day to day like he gives a shit. I don't mean you should be unhappy if the Nets lose (ten seconds after a knicks loss i toss my kids around...i mean that in a good way...) but the total apathy is what?

The Knicks and Nets in two weeks are both going to the playoffs in solid position and one fanbase is BRING IT ON and the other fanbase is asleep. And you are criticizing the fanbase having fun?

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