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Default Re: why isnt brooklyn held to a higher standard?

Originally Posted by ChuckOakley
The main reason why is because Net fans like to keep the bar low and remain under the radar while Knick fans need to be gratified with praise about their team daily...... it's insecurity. Knick fans are probably the most insecure fans I've encountered among any sport.

It's the biggest difference I can see between Knick fans and pretty much any other fan base.

I see it the exact opposite way... if you go over to the fans there are constantly waffling between FIRE EVERYONE SKY IS FALLING and WOOO NIX GOT NOTHIN ON US WE TAKIN OVA JJ CLUTCHEST IN THE LEAGUE. I will admit that I lost my faith in this knicks team when Amar'e went down the 2nd time, what with the rest of the injuries, but I watched the games and supported the team the whole way through.

I am obviously biased, and anyone who is not a knicks fan is going to jump on me for this, but for the past 10 years the Knicks have been one of the biggest jokes in the NBA. If not the biggest. Because we are from the Mecca, and likely because the Yankees and the Giants have had success, it became COOL to HATE on the Knicks. I'm not apologizing for douchey knicks fans, but you get that with every team from every city.

IMO a lot of Knicks fans have beef with the fact that even in our most recent period of renewed talent and success (50 win team is a success in my book), the media attention we get outside of New York outlets seems to focus ONLY on the NEGATIVE aspects of our squad's season or performance. Its negligible, and easily solved by not watching ESPN, but its like the backlash from us being the main NY team (sorry brooklyn) and the fact that we were a joke for so long has just led to people continuing to believe that we suck and that we deserve no respect because we haven't won in so long.

That last part is true: we need to earn respect through playoff victory. I understand that. But I've noticed that on ESPN, on ISH, and on other NBA boards, there is a general refusal to acknowledge HOW INJURED WE HAVE BEEN ALL SEASON LONG. Its one thing to point to our team's old age as the reason for that - this argument has merit! But to not even mention it, or, as some trolls here seem wont to do, to say that we DESERVE our injuries for signing these old guys, is ridiculous.

We have the oldest team in the league, one of the most injured teams in the league (how quickly people forget how facking great Amar'e Stoudemire is at basketball), and yet here we are:

-2.5 games in the lead for the 2nd seed in the East with 6 games left
-12 game winning streak
-Coming off of a big win against a top 3 team in the league at one of the hardest arenas to play in
-NBA Leading scorer on FIRE
-NBA Leading bench scorer also on FIRE
-NBA DPOY '11-'12 rounding into healthy form (DAT spin move yesterday)
-Pablo Prigioni

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