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Default Re: why isnt brooklyn held to a higher standard?

And the real reason has nothing to do with insecure Net fans (that's asinine) or anything in general, the reason is the Nets just came to Brooklyn and just put their team together and the thought is they'll shake things up massively again in the offseason so let's wait and see. If you want to give a fanbase reason, it's because the Knick fanbase is 1,000 times bigger so the media covers it more which gives it more expectations.

Expectations are good btw. The Nets had grand expecations going into this year. Did it hurt them? Prokorov said the Nets will win a title within three years, did our owner guarantee that? Does that mean he's insecure?

The Knicks need to win now so we want to win now. The Nets (agree or disagree on title team) have three more years to go so they don't.
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