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Default Re: why isnt brooklyn held to a higher standard?

Originally Posted by niko
Do people think the fact they want everyone who is not a Heat fan to take no enjoyment of the season and give themselves no chance makes them smarter somehow? Newsflash, we are all aware that the Heat will more than likely stomp us. But it's sports. And there is that chance. And not enjoying the ride and acting like you lost before it happens doesn't make you a better fan, it makes you boring and ****.

ChuckOakley i hate to break it to you, but a large portion of your fanbase still thinks Howard is coming, thinks Lebron may come and PJ may coach, and that if you play the Heat you will kick their ass. If you sat them down and asked them to bet on it they's say no (unlike a certain Philly fan) but they get excited and talk about it.

Stop being such a downer. I'll be happy and take my chances in the playoffs.

And note: if the Knicks fans are insecure for feeling so self important, what does that make the Nets fans for taking a portion of the market and basically thinking they might overtake the Knicks in popularity in a short time? Because they did. I don't care if you didn't, YOU are not the entire fanbase.
Again, Niko you're being deceitful.
1st you said I said the Nets were better and now you are saying instead there is a large portion (what does that mean? a majority) that say...


Which is a lie.. unless 4 of the 7 Net fans on here say that, because the average Net fan I come across know Dwight is done (we're fine with Lopez), Phil is not coaching us (we're thinking JVG level) and we have NO chance against the Heat who have spanked us (we're hoping for the 2nd round).
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