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Default Re: why isnt brooklyn held to a higher standard?

Originally Posted by alwaysunny
Nope. Knicks have gained A LOT of bandwagon hoppers recently, so your talk of loyalty doesn't hold water. I generally don't mind the actual Knicks fans I know in real life, but when I log on the internet and see these bandwagon clowns pretending like they've been there since the dark times it just reeks of fakeness. It's pretty obvious why they chose the Knicks too. It's because they get all the attention, so they wanna be a part of something by joining a large group as an alternative to the "real" bandwagon teams likes of Miami and LA, except New York is no different anymore. A signaficant portion of your fanbase is made of attention seeking followers.

and brooklyn fans have all been fans since the ABA/NBA merger...

there are casual fans and there are dedicated fans. Every team has both. Winning teams have a higher percentage of casual fans. Assuming that Knicks fans on the internet are "bandwagon clowns pretending..." imo shows that you are unhappy about the Knicks success (probably compared to the Nets, who frankly are also a success with a top 4 seed in the East).

It seems like if the Knicks are middling and playing at a mediocre level, like the 3 months in the middle of this season (injuries notwithstanding), their fans are stupid delusional homers who are in denial about their team sucking and should just abandon the NBA entirely because of how far-fetched it is that their team could warrant any fan support... and then the instant their play picks up and they start winning, we're all a bunch of bandwagoners.

I don't really care about what people think of my loyalty, and I'm the first to admit that when Amar'e went down for his 2nd surgery I was thinking that we could stick a fork in our team's title hopes this year and just be happy to have a chance to win the Atlantic, but I am interested in a serious basketball discourse and it sucks that that is so hard to find on a board ostensibly created for that very purpose.
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