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Default Re: why isnt brooklyn held to a higher standard?

Originally Posted by DaSeba5
I'm with ChuckOakley. Heat fans can say "prove it in the playoffs" because they have proven it in the playoffs. Knick fans are basing their opinions off hope and regular season games. They are a good team and can get far in the playoffs, but nobody is going to respect them until they start winning playoff games. I tell this to everyone, yet Knick fans say I'm just a bandwagon Heat fan who can't give credit to anyone, especially the Knicks.

Anytime I say anything about Melo or the Knicks, I get a flock of Knick fans on me attacking me and negging me. Many of the Knick fans here are pretty insecure. Not everybody, but a lot of them. Every thread turns into a "please respect us we're good again" thread.
Heat fans were gloating, "We da bess" even before they played a regular season game.

Every thread turns into a "please respect us we're good again" well what does that tell you? Why are Knicks fans forced to do that?

You right, playoffs it's what matters, but Knicks fans can't be fans? They can't support their team and even troll a little bit? I've said it before, Knicks fans aren't allowed to be fans, everyone else is.

I remember butthurted nuggets fans bashing the east,they don't like to bash the Knicks directly anymore, they bash the east, it's less obvious, they were all saying how the Nuggets were a top4 team in the east, and i remember saying to them, who said Nuggets weren't a top4 on the west? Look at the nuggets now, how sad is that a Knicks fan believe more in the Nuggets team than the Nuggets fans? How sad is that. Or did they believe just didn't want to look "delusional" they are too cool for that!

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