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Default Re: What's the oldest a woman could be for you to have sex with her?

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
I'd have to see her to actually judge whether I'd hit or not.. Some 50 year old women I'd hit... Some 40 year old women I wouldnt hit..

All depends..

Originally Posted by DMV2
I'd say 55 max. But like Rasheed1 said, it all depends. Some 40-50 year old women look better than 20-somethings.

These are pretty much my thoughts. Can't really judge without knowing the particular woman. When I was around 20, I did fuck a woman who I guessed was in her early to mid 40's, though she awkwardly claimed she was 30.

The actual number isn't particularly important. As long as a woman looks good and is over 18, I'd likely be fine. There are actually some in the 18-20 range who look to young for me. Especially facially. There's nothing wrong with it morally, but I wouldn't be able to do it with some girls who are legal and have really young looking faces that make them look 15 or so.
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