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Default Re: why isnt brooklyn held to a higher standard?

Okay regardless, this argument doesn't happen IF:
- Prokhorov doesn't guarantee a title within 5 years
- JJ doesn't come out and say Nets are the best team in New York
- Barkley doesn't continue his anti Knick agenda since they embarrassingly swept him in 1989 and say "Nets are much better and will be an elite team in the East"

Look when it comes down to it the Nets players and ownership started the trash talk what ever way you look at it. As a Knick fan I was actually excited at the possibility of finally having 2 good teams in New York. But when the Nets make a trade for JJ, throw a new uniform on and move to Brooklyn and act like they are an elite team an act like the franchise didn't go 12-70 three season ago. And that the Knicks are not relevant anymore.

As for the Knicks being a shitty franchise, despite the injuries sustained in our last 2 playoff series, we still qualified, so comparing where we were 3 seasons ago, I guess a lot of other franchises are 'shitty' too.

Knick haters will conveniently point out the Knicks haven't won a series in a decade but if a Knick fan brings up that they were perennial contenders in the 90s, we get "lol u knickz fans livin in da past" bullshit. No doubt we Knicks fans get carried away here but the hate we get is so far above what any franchise get. Need proof? Have a look at any Knick related thread and watch the Lebron stans and plenty of Heat fans check in and spew hate everywhere.
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