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Default Re: why isnt brooklyn held to a higher standard?

Originally Posted by Amar'e_Juwanna
You're absolutely right. For many Knicks fans, myself probably included, we took our lumps for YEARS under walsh/thomas. Our team sucked, and not only that, we got s*hat on by the rest of the NBA in terms of respect and a lack of it. (we weren't the only bad team but we were the most well known bad team at least to a casual fan)


Now we respond to that dark era with a heightened sense of pride in our team and a heightened sensitivity to anything that could be construed as "classic knicks hate" as opposed to genuine and legitimate criticism of our team. I am very open to discussion of the latter and very sensitive to the former.

BTW i just joined ISH and would be very interested to know your other bball forums because I am an actual fan and don't just want to be trolled.

The trolls are the main draw on this site nowadays.

Especially if you're a Knicks fan
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