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Default Re: Lakers missing the playoffs will cause a rule change

Originally Posted by Droid101
Meh I was bored so I did them all:

1 vs 16: Miami vs Lakers
2 vs 15: San Antonio vs Boston
3 vs 14: OKC vs Utah
4 vs 13: Denver vs Atlanta
5 vs 12: Memphis vs Chicago
6 vs 11: Clippers vs Rockets
7 vs 10: New York vs Golden State (that would be awesome)
8 vs 9: Indiana vs Brooklyn

Round two (if the higher seed advanced each time):

1 vs 8: Miami vs Indiana
2 vs 7: San Antonio vs New York
3 vs 6: OKC vs Clippers
4 vs 5: Denver vs Memphis

Round three:

1 vs 4: Miami vs Denver
2 vs 3: San Antonio vs OKC


1 vs 2: Miami vs San Antonio

This looks great, actually. OKC-Utah would be a surprisingly good series, too.
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