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Default Re: What's the oldest a woman could be for you to have sex with her?

Originally Posted by Just2McFly

10/10 post sir

I've always wanted to bang an older white woman, but where in the world am I supposed to meet them in an environment natural to me? I already frequent bookstores and starbucks, I've stuck out like a mofo

anyway, my advice on that-- join various interest groups... whatever touches your fancy... makes you feel intrigued even if you're noob participant.

art workshop / classes
yoga meeting
depression / anxiety group
paintball outings
community gardening
book discussion groups
cooking classes
organic food co-op
CC classes

...all yielded results for me. not that i aimed them to. just that it happens when you're in a field of interest and compatible women happen to be nearby. sane?

quick anecdote: one time after a long paintball day in which i'd been pretty fearless in my pursuit of enemy flag, we all reconvened for a few minutes before catching rides and sat and ate fruit... generally too tired to talk much after such long, long day.

then some 14yo super-cutie nearby said she wanted some watermelon, which i happened to have on plate, so i picked up a piece and held it near her mouth. she gulped quickly, looked a little surprised but somehow pleased... quickly turning to a look of tranquility. (WTF?)

so i extended the act, she played back repeatedly, and it became one of the most erotic things i've ever done with a female, bed or no bed.

anyway, to the story: her dad happened to be standing nearby looking like an angry thundercloud gathering strength, and that's as far as THAT went, i can assure you!

still, you just never know. just never.
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