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Where Brooklyn at?
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Default Re: why isnt brooklyn held to a higher standard?

Originally Posted by niko
My brother in law does the insurance for the Nets. My best friend is a Nets season ticket holder, he goes to every game. I go sometimes. I also know someone in concessions, and also in marketing. Another friend can get me free tickets, but only two or three times a year.

The nets still think they are getting a huge star and the fans at the games eat it up. People still think Dwight are coming. The ten of you on this board who most don't live in the area are not respresentative of the fan on the street. That's not a knock on you, you're all good fans. I wish you'd stop this KNICKS ARE EVIL stuff if we argue though, it Nets say something it's being analytical, if Knicks say something, it's bullying evil fans

I live in NY and know Nets fans also. None of them are expecting to get Dwight and are fine with Brook. So I don't know I guess its just different people. Also I don't mind a good debate but there's no reason to take cheap shots at us. Just because a lot of the Nets fans on this board don't post here anymore doesn't mean they lost interest in the team. Most of us on ISH have a pretty busy life and can't post here every day. Again, just because VC3 has his bi-polar moments doesn't mean all of us do.
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