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Default Re: why isnt brooklyn held to a higher standard?

Can somebody please direct me to all these supposed threads where Knicks fans are calling them a championship team? Anyone? Jesus chrsit the Knicks hate on this site is ridiculous and so unfounded. There are no Knick fans creating homer threads anywhere near the level of some of these Laker trolls or even creating homerish threads at all. I see NOBODY calling this squad a championship team except "willds09" who is obviously some dumbass 14yo so his opinion has no value anyway.

Seriously, someone show me the posts. What do you want me to do about the Knicks record this past decade? Say "Oh well the team is #2 in the conference and probably a second round team this year which is great for us but because of the last decade I hate the team"? I'm not allowed to feel good that the team is somewhat competitive and exciting now? I know we're not a championship team but it's better than we have been. Seriously the haters are the only people saying crazy things about hte Knicks
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