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Originally Posted by GOBB
CED is exposing his lack of knowledge on the two players. Thats what happens when you talk out of your ass knowing you hardly watched these players play. I love how he admits he didnt see Spoon much if at all but goes on to call people morons if they cant see he was BENCH FODDER/End of the bench material. He had the nerve to ask me with his inital post "what do you base this on" but posts that? Gotta love posters who talk out thier ass. Keep tying CED you are exposing yourself as a fool who doesnt have a clue about what is being debated. You're ignorant.

You love me and you know it. Anyone that is debating that Weatherspoon was more than bench fodder is an idiot. Spoon is a 6'6" (at best) power forward with no offensive game to speak of, and questionable defense. No perimeter game either, all he had was athleticism in his younger days and 6 fouls.

GOBB has a new best friend, the wee GOBBster. How cute.

Now I'd like both of you to debate that Corliss Williamson is equal to Pau Gasol.
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