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Default Re: Playoffs 2nd Round wrap up + FINALS Preview (2013)

Originally Posted by GP_20
I created this league kid. The fact that you call me the newbie shows who really is the newbie

And I've played 2 years in the premier leauge, including becoming the 1st ever champion and assembling the most dominant basketball team to exist in premier league history.

Yes I know you created the league - and I also know you got kicked out of it.

But that's irrelevant.

What are you basing the term newbie on? I doubt you are talking about join date as an ISH poster since I joined way before you did.

If you are talking about fantasy experience, I've played Yahoo NBA fantasy since 03-04, and NBAVGM since 96-97. I don't know how you can call someone that's been involved in the fantasy circle for over 15 years a newbie That makes as much sense as calling Grant Hill a newbie in the NBA.
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