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Default Re: The Ultimate Official iOS / Android Thread

Bumping when iMessage is down?

I thought about grabbing that game. It seems like I'd be interested in it, but I don't want to lose a couple bucks over it. I'll wait and see if it's free for a day.

However, I have tried Mailbox and absolutely fallen in love with it. Interface is nice. I love the ability to easily archive in it. But most importantly the remind me later (I can't remember what the actual name of the feature is) is brilliant! works like a charm. It sounds like a crazy lame idea, but it's shockingly good. Helps when I get important messages in class and I need to respond to the email at a later time when I have a computer in front of me, or if I'm busy to read whatever it is later. Sometimes, I'm prone to forget for a few days.

Only bummer is right now it's gmail only, but it's expanding soon.
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