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Default Re: The Ultimate Official iOS / Android Thread

Originally Posted by Rose
Bumping when iMessage is down?

I thought about grabbing that game. It seems like I'd be interested in it, but I don't want to lose a couple bucks over it. I'll wait and see if it's free for a day.

However, I have tried Mailbox and absolutely fallen in love with it. Interface is nice. I love the ability to easily archive in it. But most importantly the remind me later (I can't remember what the actual name of the feature is) is brilliant! works like a charm. It sounds like a crazy lame idea, but it's shockingly good. Helps when I get important messages in class and I need to respond to the email at a later time when I have a computer in front of me, or if I'm busy to read whatever it is later. Sometimes, I'm prone to forget for a few days.

Only bummer is right now it's gmail only, but it's expanding soon.

FaceTime and iMessage is up again, shit was down for me for about half an hour as well… sucked cause wife wanted to show me something at that exact moment.

I don't use Gmail so Mailbox is moot.

I doubt that game will be free for a day, perhaps on sale Memorial Day or Mother's Day.

And for iPad users:

Kinda expensive but seems kinda rad.
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