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Originally Posted by JtotheIzzo
Spoon averaged over 18ppg twice and over 15ppg twice, most of it during the time your boy Dino was in the NBA, not bad for a guy with no offensive game.

I just hate the fact I gotta keep pointing all this crap out to you, I feel like I am doing Dino a disservice.

Does everyone in NZ talk out their rear ends? Is that where the down under comes from?

a hint:

open a new window on your browser and check stats before your butt can get to the keyboard to type out some more garbage.

Buddy, I know his stats. Stats mean jack. I wouldn't make an assumption about people from the States based on your idiocy.
Ben Wallace averaged 9ppg for 2 seasons, you gonna tell me he has offensive game? What about Mutumbo? He averaged 16ppg as a rookie. You gonna tell me he has offensive game?

Get a life newbie, you have no clue. But there is hope for you, GOBB is cosying up to you to get you to paypal him money, so he can pay his bookie.
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