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Default SourpatchBabby

who else here fk** sick to these kid he have a new name Sourpatchbabby everone that fk** hate him call to him new name Sourpatchbabby he alway make a spams posts and he join drafts that he do no picks in !!!! WHAT FK** BULLSHITS IS THAT !!! is like amaimi heat well say , no were not do a draft were have lerbron all have wait becuse were dont not draft these fk*/** bullshit he think he have more brain posts tha nanyone , he think he can beat your fk** ass well ewre not fk ** scared to him

well i lose to myfaith in humanety becuse these loser dont not make a draft... why ... he dont not want a player?? just a two players team wow.. thank god that he not a manager he fk** suck SPB (sourpatchbabby) the worst poster to this board .

here a graph that all posts to insidehoops make, asks to him that he a fk** retart... no suprice to these result

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