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Default Re: Playoffs 2nd Round wrap up + FINALS Preview (2013)

Originally Posted by D.Z.W.
Yes I know you created the league - and I also know you got kicked out of it.

But that's irrelevant.

What are you basing the term newbie on? I doubt you are talking about join date as an ISH poster since I joined way before you did.

If you are talking about fantasy experience, I've played Yahoo NBA fantasy since 03-04, and NBAVGM since 96-97. I don't know how you can call someone that's been involved in the fantasy circle for over 15 years a newbie That makes as much sense as calling Grant Hill a newbie in the NBA.

I'm basing my newbie term on I never heard of you. And I am the champion of champions when it comes to fantasy basketball (I won a Yahoo Winners League, so really I am a champion of champions). I've heard of almost everyone else, most for infamous reasons, but you? Never heard or played against you in any league. Hence, newbie.

Not saying you suck (though you probably do) but please you're talking to Glove_20 Fantasy Basketball Champion of Champions and you call him a newbie?
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