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Default Re: my top 15 QBs that have no ring

well this is the same debate as in my RB list thread...longevity vs. prime years

I am old enough to actually remember Testaverde drafted by Tampa, even winning the Heisman...Jackass is correct in that the majority of his career he was very "average"...however the fact that he outlasted Randell is without question something that goes in his favor. But Randall's prime was better than Vinny's for sure, there are probably those that would put Randall over McNabb even.

and fact is, I don't rank Favre that high...

I think it is hard for someone in the NFL to aquire top all time stats without being a great player...and it is, Vinny overall had an above average football career for a QB.

and yeah the fact that Collins made this list shows that after 15 there isn't much...that is when Vick and Romo start to enter the picture, both Vick and Romo have had prime years better than most of this list, just not the career numbers yet.

I think on this list I am very confident about 1-4...then after that it gets a bit subjective
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