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Default Re: Playoffs 2nd Round wrap up + FINALS Preview (2013)

Originally Posted by GP_20
I'm basing my newbie term on I never heard of you. And I am the champion of champions when it comes to fantasy basketball (I won a Yahoo Winners League, so really I am a champion of champions). I've heard of almost everyone else, most for infamous reasons, but you? Never heard or played against you in any league. Hence, newbie.

Not saying you suck (though you probably do) but please you're talking to Glove_20 Fantasy Basketball Champion of Champions and you call him a newbie?

Lol, I knew you would once again bring up that pointless Yahoo Winners League to reference yourself as a "champion of champions." Please, my highschool friend who knew jacksh1t about basketball won a ton of yahoo public leagues back in the day, and he played in a winners league as well - who's to say you didn't get paired up with 11 more of those types of managers?

As for never heard or played against me - that's because you barely ever even join ISH leagues in the first place (Of course, you'll come up with your own reasoning for that, suit yourself). All you do is bark and holler based around your performances on like 2 or 3 leagues which you did well in.

It's not for you to say that "never played against DZW, must be a new guy" when I've played in FAR more leagues in ISH compared to you Go ahead and screenshot your profile with no strings attached, and I'll screenshot mine, let's see if it makes any sense for you to call me a 'newbie.'

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