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Default Re: Playoffs 2nd Round wrap up + FINALS Preview (2013)

Originally Posted by GP_20
How about the record for creating the GOAT Premier League Basketball Team in History. None of your championship teams come close to that championship, we didn't even need to have a playoffs. In fact, every league I've played in I ended up having the GOAT team that has existed for that particular league.

And talk sh*it to all the people you beat to win 3 in a row. You never beat me and never will. The competition you are playing against is sad (DZW, Truth, Some other no-namers). Especially compared to my competition (basketballer4, hawker, etc.)

I am undefeated in Premier League Basketball Playoffs. I have never been defeated. Winner of 7 matches in a row, 2 consecutive titles, 3 consecutive finals, I am the definition of perfection. I am the model upon which all newborn babies wish they will one day be. I am unmatched. You go to sleep in your race car bed wishing you will wake up with my managerial abilities. But, unfortunately, it will never be. For there is only one, PISTOL PETE.
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