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Originally Posted by D-Wade316
NYG, how many times do you eat? Been eating only twice a day for over a week now. Sucks. My heels feels like shit everytime I go to bed. I've lost weight too.

Just my morning coffee around 30 mins after I wake up then my two meals. I eat a somewhat light lunch. Usually a serving or two of some proteins and some veggies and a fruit. Night time is when I unleash the beast. I'm still not ripped to shreds but doing it this way for the last year has helped me get bigger and lean up a but more.

What do you mean by your heels hurt though? Actually, one of my brothers tried doing the same thing I did but he always slept late (I made sure to be snoozing at 11 latest. He would be around 2 or even 3) and often times, he wouldn't feast at night. That plus it probably just wasn't his thing. When he was on the same eating habits I was in, he was getting mini black-outs and dizziness (one time, he actually fainted just deadlifting a 15-lbs kettlebell). If it's not working out for you WHEN you're doing everything else right, then you probably shouldn't do it.
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