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Default Re: Bioshock Infinite

I'm taking my time with this game. Havent even got very far. I think there is a mission where Elizabeth tosses u a sniper rifle and you got to take out some guys. Took them out and got a lil further then saved. I've been exploring damn near everything and looting. Hate rushing thru a game like this and not uncovering things. Love the shotgun even with the low ammo. Not sure if I should try the Carbine as well. What you fellas think? Game is more difficult than past Bioshocks thats for sure. By difficult I dont mean dying alot and restarting. But the gun battles, turretts do work on you. If you dont take cover and be careful you can die.

The scenery is amazing. Find myself just checking that shyt out. Like when you had to break out Elizabeth and run along side the statue outside? I'm looking like wow, I should jump off this shyt.

Got suspended from my madden league so I'll have more time to dive into this.

Anyone getting or bought the season pass?
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