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Originally Posted by TheReturnofCed
Buddy, I know his stats. Stats mean jack. I wouldn't make an assumption about people from the States based on your idiocy.
Ben Wallace averaged 9ppg for 2 seasons, you gonna tell me he has offensive game? What about Mutumbo? He averaged 16ppg as a rookie. You gonna tell me he has offensive game?

Get a life newbie, you have no clue. But there is hope for you, GOBB is cosying up to you to get you to paypal him money, so he can pay his bookie.

Anyone who scored over 18ppg twice in the NBA has an offensive game.

Not 'no offense whatsoever' or however you and your infinite knowledge phrased it. But I guess I need a clue.

Your above response is laughable, I appreciate the entertainment value of your posts.
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